DECO DAYS 2022 | interior design accelerator

Deco Days 2022 promises a new exciting experience in the world of interior design lovers. Created as an interior design accelerator, the 7th edition of the event aims to bring together the Romanian business and interior design community. The goal? An event that provides a meeting place for designers, related businesses, architects and a design-loving public.

A unique event on the map of interior design in Romania.

Deco Days connects designers with the general public.

WHEN? 08 - 11 september 2022

WHERE? BT Arena (Polyvalent Hall, Cluj-Napoca)

Do you have a business related to interior design?

Join as an exhibitor!

Deco Days 2022 connects business with the interior design and architecture community and promises a complex, world-class level experience.


Conceived as an interior design accelerator, Deco Days 2022 represents the ideal setting for:

• Brand and product visibility
• Relevant connections with interior designers
• Brand association and awareness aimed for designers
• Product placement in complex design concepts and settings
• Exhibition booth / space possibility
• Brand activations, workshops, presentation possibilities 


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The focal point of the Deco Days event is represented by the design concepts that connect all the pieces of the event. Create a design concept for Deco Days 2022 and you have the chance to make your project the focus of the event!


What can you win?

• Prizes of 1000, 500 and 300 euros for the winning concepts

• The winning projects will be exhibited during the event

• Visibility for your personal brand or design studio

• Possibility to participate in the event as a special guest

• Networking and the possibility for new business connections

The sign-up period has come to an end. Until we reveal this years winners, you can check out the winning concepts from 2021.

DAY 1, 8th September

Business Meets Design


12:00 Grand Opening Ceremony

12:30 Mendola Fabrics Brand Review
& Business Partner Awards

12:45 Osea Interiors Brand Presentation

12:45 Elements of 3D Visualisation
Analysis of each element used for rendering / Paul Tătar, designer de interior

13:00 Romb 360 - Your dream, our playground

13:30 The New Habitat 23 - 24:
How the spaces we inhabitate are changing / powered by ImarCom

13:45 Business in Interior Design Masterclass / Interior Design Business School / Victor Grosu

14:30 Valuing Architecture
powered by Igloo

15:30 Launching: Fall/Winter 2022 Collection, Mendola Fabrics

16:00 Borodi Design Studio: From vision to solution

16:15 Panel: Interior design concepts with designers authors
Moderator: Ileana Răducanu

16:30 Live Painting: The walls don’t lie, Zöld Leventea                     

18:30 Networking Session
Live Music, Art Light Show & Cocktails

19:00 Lightshow: The truth is on the walls
Zöld Levente

DAY 2, 9th September

Designers in Focus


10:30 Workshop & Tape DEMO
Bandex, Mendola Fabrics

11:15 Talks: Mendola Fabrics x Business Partners

12:00 Opening Session 2nd Day

12:00 Launching: Fall/Winter 2022 Collection / Mendola Fabrics 

12:15 360° Decoration, Narativo

12:30 The importance of premium colours and finishes in interior design projects, Stadt

12:30 Ergonomics and Posture 360 Health, powered by Romb

13:00 Workshop & Moodboard:
Interior Design Course / powered by Oh, Da! with Ileana Răducanu

14:00 Nobila Casa, in the decoration of the home

14:00 Smart Curtain: DEMO
Mendola Fabrics

14:15 #ROMANIANDESIGN, special guest Mihnea Ghilduș

14:20 Success business stories with Mendola Fabrics partners

15:15 Neotenic Design, special guest Cosmin Todor

15:35 Pinterest vs. Facebook: from expectations to reality, XT DECO

15:35 Architecture of online promotion - how to communicate your interior design business, Călin Biriș - Trainer and marketing consultant, founder Online Mastery

16:00 Modulo 2023 Collections

16:25 Design Talk, Mihai Caraghiaur

16:45 ALL ABOUT TILES powered by Imar Com / Mihai Caraghiaur

17:00 Conversations with Cosmin Todor, Host: Anda Zota 

17:45 Raffle Drawings: Winners Announcement

DAY 3, 10 September

Inspiration for your home


12:30 Q&A with your favorite designers
Mihai Caraghiaur, Marcel Maier

13:00 Meet Up: Winner, Volum Works
Discussion of trends in functional design

14:00 How to design your terrace, powered by Simacek

14:00 Meet-up Interior Designers
discussion of trends in functional design

15:3 Experience Art in Augmented Reality


DAY 4, 11 September

For the Love of Design


12:30 Smart Home Automation, Promelek

14:00 Raffle for the general public​ - products or discounts from brands, interior designer advice, Mendola ready-mades, design projects

14:00 Meet-up Interior Design - discussion of trends in functional design

15:30 Experience Art in Augmented Reality


Special guests Deco Days 2022

Ileana Răducanu • Anda Zota • Cosmin Todor

Mihnea Gilduș • Victor Grosu • Adrian Balcău • Marcel Maier

Mihai Caraghiaur • Paul Tătar • Călin Biriș • Levente Zöld

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Deco Days 2021 gave a voice to the interior design community of Romania

Discover the Deco Days 2021 experience:

During the 3 days of the event, there were:

100+ interior designers who visited the event

700+ visitors

1700sqm event area

14 stands

180 products used by designers in the 5 arrangements

15 sections of brand presentations, products

the live broadcast of the 3 days accumulated 15 hours of streaming

Read more about last years experience

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