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We are proud of our journey and heritage, delivering excellence and a sustainable future for textiles - curtains and sheers. Our passion for quality fabrics is proven over time!

- Zsuzsa Székely, owner Mendola Group

General presentation

Founded in 1994, in Cluj-Napoca, member of the Mendola Investment Group, Deco Center started as a family business. Creativity in the choice of materials and designs and the highest level of quality for products and services form the central ethos of the Mendola Group. Through the reference brand, Mendola Fabrics, it aims to become one of the leading players on the European market in the next 10 years. Developing new ranges, new collections, products that are differentiated by theme, design, adaptability and an optimal quality-price ratio, while adapting to local markets and tastes in the markets in which it is present.


The successes of the first years, the professional collaborations developed with the most significant specialized companies in the world and the notoriety on the Cluj market are the basis on which Deco Center is built, part of Mendola Group - international company, with over 100 employees and 100% capital native, owned by the Székely family from Cluj-Napoca. Also, the partnerships with international DIY networks have highlighted the fact that in the industry, in this segment, there is a limited range of modern collections of curtains and sheers with trendy designs, the market being dominated by vertical blinds.



Built from the passion for textiles, interior design, performance and quality, Deco Center is the company that brings curtains and sheers to life through the reference brand Mendola Fabrics and sells them as its main field of activity.



Deco Center wants to bring together all the definitions of beauty, under the same goal, to create the feeling of home, through arrangements with curtains and sheers.

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From a small store to a turnover of 8 million euros

Deco Center is a company built out of passion for design, performance and quality. Bringing the latest trends in textile home decoration, technology and services, Deco Center is a local and regional wholesaler of medium high fabrics with curtains its core business.


The company has developed in the local market with more than 500+ partners, and 800+ delivery points (stores), both in Romania and in 28 countries from Europe and other continents (North America, Australia, Africa, Asia). The trust gained throughout the partnerships with DIY networks, hypermarkets, distributors, partner stores is based on continuity and professionalism of the services, besides a highly favourable quality/price ratio. Recognised as one of the innovative brands in Romania and surrounding countries, after nearly three decades since its foundation, the Deco Center of today is a truly global operation with partners and distributors taking the Mendola brand around Europe.

Our brands


Mendola Fabrics offers a distinctive signature through a defined style of vivid, contemporary, and decorative materials full of imagination. With an assortment of over 600 models, Mendola Fabrics curtains and sheers combine contemporary designs, rich color palettes and imaginative patterns, reflecting our attention to interior design. Mendola Fabrics collections are launched twice a year through a network of partners, distributors, DIY chains, specialty stores, design studios or other textile-related businesses in over 28 countries.


Combining fabrics in neutral shades and simplistic patterns, the Imagine Living Textile brand brings to the forefront a selection of ready-made curtains and sheers, designed to capture the essence of everyday simplicity. Under the umbrella of the Imagine brand, more than 49 items with diversified sizes and grips come to life, depending on the top requirements of the market.




Mendola Interior is the brand that offers a wide range of ready-made products, curtains and sheers for people with an alert pace of life and a modern style, who need fast, efficient solutions with a design and superior quality, but also a wide range of paintings and wall decorations, bedding articles and towels.





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