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Social responsibility and community involvement

Mendola Fabrics has been bringing curtains to life since 1994. Our passion for textiles is fueled by the community around us, which motivates us to always look for new ways to be better. We as a company are aware of the importance of social involvement and that our organizational values must guide us in our efforts to think and act responsibly.


Our priority is to be accountable to our employees, partners and collaborators and to the entire community around us. Through our organizational culture, we have managed to attract and retain the right people, with whom we regularly get involved in charitable and social projects.


We are committed to sustainability and strive to maintain the highest standards and practices of professional ethics, with a deep respect for our employees and partners, for our community and the environment, and for promoting fair and responsible business practices.

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Spring gifts from Magic Association

This year, spring has come with good deeds.

In 2021, the arrival of spring was announced by the wonderful “martisoare” created by the children from the Magic Association.

The Magic Association is a non-governmental organization that helps ill children and their families. The “martisoare” created by the children's magical hands were given to our team, being not only messengers of spring, but also of good deeds. With the help of the money raised, we were able to support the Magic Association, which today supports 12 projects and helped over 5,000 beneficiaries by involving over 2000 volunteers.

"The first meeting with the Magic Association took place in 2019 around the Winter Holidays. Then we organized the first event dedicated to the children of Mendola Group employees through a gingerbread workshop. We brought joy to the children's cheeks through the charm and dedication with which the wonderful team The Mendola Fabrics Community has a strong commitment to supporting initiatives and programs that improve children's lives and opportunities, because we realized that joy and magic is in giving, creating something valuable to the community. " Nagy Noemi, HR Manager

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Mendola Fabrics & Sustainable Cluj at Deco Days 2021

During Deco Days 2021 we joined forces with the Clujul Sustenabil Association and created a stand dedicated to upcycled textiles. The scraps of material from our workshops were transformed into decorative pillows, bags and art objects, thus receiving the chance for a new life and avoiding getting into the landfill.

The money raised from this initiative was donated to Clujul Sustenabil, a collaborative group initiated by civically involved citizens, which supports economic, social and environmental initiatives in Cluj, in order to develop sustainable urban development.
Also, in order to spread the message of sustainability to a wide audience, a discussion panel entitled “Bringing textiles BACK to life” took place during the event. Together with the Art Mirror Association, Atelier Roca and Clujul Sustenabil we debated topics related to interior design and sustainability.

"It was a wonderful experience that allowed us to meet people with a very clear vision of what we need to do, to take more care of the planet, the environment and ultimately us. We have all learned more about sustainability from passionate people, and we have taken steps in this direction, which, as a company, we have embraced with pleasure and in which we find ourselves. ” Oana Luca, Product Manager


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Shoebox - gifts for children

We got involved in the Shoebox initiative because of the desire of our colleagues. This year we asked my colleagues to choose a favorite festive activity from a long list of ideas.

Colleagues' favorite was to support a social cause around our community.

So, we joined forces at the Mendola Group level and turned the Shoebox activity into an after-hours teambuilding. We gathered and bought together a variety of useful items, then sorted them by age and carefully packed and labeled them. This year we have prepared 100 Christmas packages that will be given to children in rural areas around the city of Cluj-Napoca.

With the support of CERT Transilvania, boxes full of toys, books, sweets and other necessities spread the joy of Christmas.

Together with CERT Transilvania, we also get involved in afforestation actions every year, where the whole team always participates with pleasure.


“The community we live in has always been important to our group of companies and our team, but in recent years we have felt even more intensely the need to be part of the community and the desire to give, to help, to be with the others. Thus, we enjoyed the opportunity offered by CERT Transilvania, which gave us the opportunity for each of us to offer something from the heart and bring joy to a child. Preparing gifts together gave us the opportunity to feel good and spend quality time together and even helped us to develop our packaging skills.

Experience has certainly motivated us to participate in as many such actions as possible in the future. ” Orsolya Mohacsek, CEO

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